Bait & Switch

Bait & Switch

You're ready to have your wall to wall carpeting professionally cleaned and want to get the best job for the best price, right?

You may have received a coupon in a Val Pak or via direct mail, advertising $6.95 per room! What a great deal, huh? How can they afford to charge such a low price? As a reputable business owner who has been serving this area, I can tell you with all certainty,


The gas alone, to get to your home would make this a losing proposition for the company. Then there are cleaning agents, set up and tear down time, and the actual job labor firm charging $6 or $9 a room would soon go broke.

How/why are they charging this price?

The answer is simpleBait & Switch!

Here is a typical scenario:

Once inside your home, you are informed that the advertised price is for basic steam cleaning, in other words, clear water only. Take it from me; you cannot properly clean even a lightly soiled carpet without proper cleaning agents, such as pre-conditioner, emulsifier & various spot cleaners. Oh, they have these products on their truck, but if they USE them on your carpets, your $6 a room price just went up to $75. Then, theres the high pressure add on sales (Scotchguard tm, deodorizing) as well as a charge for moving any furniture. Throw in the nominal travel charge and the 2 rooms you thought you would be paying $12 to clean have just cost you $300, not to mention the lousy job performed by the inexperienced technician youve been sent! These companies hire right off the street and pay on a commission basis. Commission on what? On all of the up sell, of course! Theyre routinely sued, go out of business, and resurface under a new name. Save yourself the trouble!

We pride ourselves on high quality Professional Carpet Cleaning and have trained & skilled technicians. You pay the price you are quoted! Our sole purpose is to please you, as well as extend the life of your carpeting with a professional & thorough job! Dont be taken in by Bait & Switch companies! Remember the old adageYou get what you pay for!

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